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WRFPM 2017

Today: 2018.09.26

Author Kit

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The WRFPM 2017 conference will have technical papers, which will be peer reviewed and included in the USB Key Proceeding distributed at the beginning of the conference.
All presenting authors are required to complete on-line registration for the WRFPM 2017 to secure presentation.

Submission of Papers

  • Step 1: Online Submission of Abstracts by February 20, 2017

    All abstract must be submitted via the official website of the WRFPM 2017 (

    1. Length: Text min. 300 words ~ max. 500words
    2. Figures and Tables: One figure and/or table maximum (if required)
      ※ If you have figures and tables, please contact the secretariat ( in advance of your submission.
    3. Language: English
  • Step 2: Online Submission of Draft Papers (or Extended Abstracts) by May 28, 2017

    Once abstracts have been accepted, authors may then upload their full-length Draft Paper (10 pages limit) or Extended Abstract (2~4 pages) for review regardless of presentation type.
    Instructions for preparation of papers are noted in the following pages Entitled “Guidelines for Paper Preparation”.

    A Template is also available in MS Word. Paper Template Download>

    Please upload copies of both a PDF and Word file of your full draft paper or extended abstract via

    Copyright Form is required to submit with the paper through the WRFPM 2017 website.  Copyright Form Download>

  • Step 3: Authors will be notified of Draft Paper or Extended Abstract review by June 26, 2017

    At this time you will be notified any comments for the preparation of your final paper.

  • Step 4: Online Submission of Final Paper by July 14, 2017

    Once draft papers or extended abstracts are reviewed and approved, authors may then upload their final version of papers or extended abstracts for the USB Key Proceeding distributed at the beginning of the conference.
    Note that the WRFPM 2017 will not edit or proof read your final paper. Hard copies of papers are no longer required. Please submit both a PDF and Word file and name your final paper files.

Guidelines for Draft Paper or Extended Abstract Preparation

These guidelines are intended to assist you with preparation of your Draft Paper or Extended Abstract. Please understand that the WRFPM 2017 will not edit or proofread your submitted paper. Therefore, we urge you to proofread your final copy carefully before submitting.

  • All manuscripts are to be submitted through the online submission system of the WRFPM 2017 website using PDF files and Word files.
  • Please use the paper template provided on the WFRPM 2017 website. Paper Template Download>
  • All type and illustrations should appear within designated margins of one-inch (2.54 cm) on all sides.
  • We recommend 10-point type with 12 points of leading (spacing between lines).
  • Use Times Roman typeface or an equivalent.
  • Indent each paragraph 1/4 inch (use tab; do not use the space bar to indent). Single-space your text in single column format.
  • Changes to accepted papers must be limited to revisions or changes requested by the Technical Program Committee.

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WRFPM 2017 Secretariat (c/o The Plan)
3F, Jung E&C Bldg., 31-5 Seocho-daero 58-gil Seocho-gu, Seoul 06632, Korea
T. +82-2-538-2042~3 F. +82-538-1540 E.
사단법인 한국원자력학회
  • 고유번호: 217-82-00453 | 대표자: 황주호 | 소재지: 대전광역시 유성구 유성대로 794 (장대동, 뉴토피아빌딩 4층) | 연락처: 042-826-2613