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WRFPM 2017

Today: 2018.10.18

Sponsors & Exhibitors Directory

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Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

  • - Booth No. : 05 & 06
  • - Telephone : +82-42-868- 2000
  • - Website :
  • - Company Profile

Established in 1959, the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI) is the first science and technology research institute in Korea to be mandated to achieve energy self-reliance through nuclear technology.
KAERI has produced landmark achievements during its 50-year history of nuclear energy development. Such achievements include the self-reliance of the NSSS system design of Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plants, the localization of both CANDU and PWR fuels, the indigenous design of the HANARO research reactor, and the nation’s first ever export of a nuclear energy system to Jordan.
KAERI will not be complacent regarding its achievements thus far, and will instead move toward the future.
In line with the Long-term Development Plan for the Future Nuclear Energy Systems, which has been implemented as a national policy, KAERI is concentrating all of its effort on the development of spent fuel technology for reutilization purposes and on future nuclear energy systems that feature significant advancements in safety, economics, and proliferation resistance.
KAERI is indebted to the public for its support over the past 50 years, which has enabled the Institute to develop to its current status. All of the staff members at KAERI vow to pay our debt to our nation’s people by producing world-leading nuclear R&D outcomes, and to concentrate our efforts toward maximizing our research capabilities. KAERI will spearhead efforts to help Korea achieve its national agenda of sustainable development and low carbon, green growth by ceasing the environmental degradation and resource depletion that face us in the 21st century.

KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Company Ltd. (KNF)

  • - Booth No. : 11 & 12
  • - Telephone : +82-2-868-1000
  • - Website :
  • - Company Profile

KNF is the one and only professional nuclear fuel design and fabrication company in Korea. As a government reinvested company, we have been responsible for providing high-end safe nuclear fuels to all local nuclear power plants in operation, both PWR & PHWR (CANDU) type.
To be global KNF, we will focus on building the basis of creativity management and driving a growth engine of the future with core values-Customer Priority, Global Competence, Business Development, Social Responsibility.

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP)

  • - Booth No. : 07 & 08
  • - Telephone : +82-54-704-2114
  • - Website :
  • - Company Profile

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. is Korea’s largest power company which generates approximately 31.5% of the total electric power generated in Korea with the noble sense of mission and pride of ‘supplying electric power in a stable manner to enrich the lives of people and to contribute to the growth of the national economy’ as its driving force.
With 24 units of nuclear power plant, 35 units of hydro power plants and so on, KHNP’s total installed capacity reaches about 27,853MW.
KHNP is working relentlessly to create sustainable growth with a corporate vision for living to is name as “KHNP, a trusted global energy leader”.



AREVA NP is a major international player in the nuclear energy market recognized for its innovative solutions and value-added technologies for designing, building, maintaining, and advancing the global nuclear fleet. The company designs, manufactures, and installs components and fuel for nuclear power plants and offers a full range of reactor services.
With 14,000 employees worldwide, every day AREVA NP’s expertise helps its customers improve the safety and performance of their nuclear plants and achieve their economic and societal goals.
AREVA NP is a subsidiary of the AREVA group.


Westinghouse provides utilities worldwide with the most reliable, dependable nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel, plant automation and operating plant products and services. Innovation has been the cornerstone of Westinghouse Electric Company since it was founded by George Westinghouse in 1886. Today, Westinghouse is the engine of innovation for the nuclear industry, fueled by our global employee base. At Westinghouse, we are solely focused on nuclear energy technology. Our vision is simple -- to be the global nuclear energy industry’s first choice for safe and efficient solutions.
When the era of nuclear energy began more than 50 years ago, we were there. Today, we're leveraging our legacy for the future, helping the world meet growing electricity demand with safe, clean, and reliable nuclear energy.


ANT International

The company is specialised in providing expert training and knowledge in the areas of Fuel Material, Structural Material Degradation and Coolant Chemistry and Corrosion.
The expert training is provided through seminars, online courses and handbooks & reports by ANT International Network of Experts. The Network were the leaders of the nuclear technical community that developed the current nuclear industry. ANT International and the Network do not rely on fuel/reactor vendors. The information provided in our products and services is unbiased and analysed with a bird eyes view on the business. The mission of ANT International is to transfer the unique expertise of The Network, that developed the current nuclear industry, to the new generation of engineers. The goal is to improve safety and profitability throughout the nuclear industry.


Facts about Studsvik
Studsvik offers a range of advanced technical services to the global nuclear power industry.
Studsvik’s business focus areas are fuel and materials technology, reactor analysis software and consultancy services within waste treatment technology, decommissioning, NORM and solutions for final disposal. The company has 70 years nuclear technology and radiological service experience.
Studsvik has 700 employees in 7 countries and the company’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.

Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau (JCVB) is a hosting support organization established to promote the development of MICE industries by providing strategic and consistent support and service, from planning to marketing and hosting of international conventions, expo, and events.

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